The Triumph Book: ABILITIES

It is Tamara’s intent to support the inner challenges
as well as aid in the physical needs of those overcoming disabilities.

She has teamed up with author Melanie Davis, founder of Triumph Press and publisher of The Funding Guide, to write the third in Melanie’s bestselling Triumph Book Series, titled The Triumph Book: ABILITIES. This is a collection of first person stories from people who are achieving greatness because of their disabilities, such as David Farber, who travels the world photographing nature and wildlife in the most remote locations, from his power wheelchair and through his own ingenious innovation which allows him to use a camera unassisted despite his limited mobility. The stories in this book come from those who were born with disabilities, who are newly disabled because of injury, or who are fulfilling the role of caregiver.

All of the stories in
The Triumph Book: ABILITIES
are inspirational, life-changing examples of what it really means to be disabled.

The Triumph Book: ABILITIES provides faith-building examples and a road map for those who may be struggling to believe they can overcome their adversity; such hope is as powerful as assistive tech